Here's why you should choose Assured Home Inspection

  • Our prices are in line with industry standards, but our quality consistently exceeds the standards set by American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
  • The Assured Guarantee - We are so confident in the quality of our home inspection that we offer a 200% money back guarantee. 

The fee is usually the first question a buyer asks.

The fee should be the last thing to be concerned with. You should be more concerned with if you are going to get what you pay for. You want to make sure the inspector you choose will do a good job and will take the time needed to check the property properly. Saving a few dollars is not worth the additional cost of unexpected repairs and frustration.

The age and size of the home are among other things, factors in determining the inspection fees. Companies that charge very low fees are associated with the fact they do numerous inspections per day or are desperate for business. With that in mind take a guess what the quality of the inspection will be? I never schedule inspections back to back.

Because of this I will not rush through your inspection to get to the other on time. Your home will have my full attention.

Call us for a quote. But why call the other home inspection companies in the Anchorage area when you are at the site which has your best interest in mind? The inspection reports are in plain English so you understand the problems that are found with the addition of images of the concerns in the report. Professionalism, care and concern are incorporated into the home inspection and report.

The house you are thinking about buying is not cheap; going cheap on the inspector you choose is the wrong time to save a few dollars. Not all inspectors are the same.

The best approach is to find the most thorough and experienced home inspector, regardless of price. A defect missed by a bargain inspector can cost many times the amount saved at the time of the inspection.

Don't Be Surprised Be Assured

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